Saturday, November 16, 2019

Inspiration to Execution!

Introducing . . .

The inspiration . . . 

     An appliqué square made from fabric scraps in my stash.  Somehow I loved the color combination of the vibrant orange with the blues and greens, the cheerful stripes and polka dots and the swirly "starry night" background - it just evoked a feeling of whimsy and joy in me so I took a picture of it.
     When I showed the pic to a colleague at work the next day she said "You should make that into a card - I'd buy some!"
     Well, being square it wouldn't work with my program, so I decided to take it to a printer and have some made!

Proof sheets . . .
     Cards are 5 1/2" square and blank on the back except for a small logo at the center bottom.  The card stock is a nice heavy weight with an easy-write surface.
     While I was at it, I had some 2 3/4" gift tag size ones made.  They're perfect for so many things ...

And . . . the cards!
     The proceeds from the cards are going to help fund my 19-year-old's ambition to go on a mission trip - either to El Salvador over Spring Break or Africa next summer, depending on how her fundraising progresses.
     If you would like to order some of these delightful cards, select the Contact Us button at the top and tell me what you would like.

The minis . . .

~ Package backing on tag-sized cards ~

Cards are packaged in groups of 10 with envelopes and 10 gift tags thrown in for $15.

Gift tags are packed in groups of 25 for $5.

Custom-sized orders available with price breaks for larger quantities.

Tied with twine or inserted in a sheer drawstring organza bag - your choice.  Both with tag label.

Lovely for gift-giving . . .

Shipping for out-of-town orders will be at cost.

If you would simply like to make a donation toward the cost of her service mission adventure, all donations of $50 or more will receive a gift pack of 10 cards with 10 gift tags.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 2019

Summer is emerging but it's hot pad season in my little creative studio space!  These are the perfect size for experimenting and improving my free motion quilting.  So far I've only been making them for gifts but if they catch your fancy and you'd like one, let me know.  They're approximately 8" square and no two are the same.  $21 ea.

 Notice the wonderful 'crinkling' effect of the quilting after being washed and dried.

Blessed . . .
 This one hasn't been washed yet so the fabrics are still smooth.

Vintage Paris
Only the word Vintage has been quilted to stand out.

Hand painted coaster
I took a class from Joanne Sharpe a few years ago and made some 16" samplers.  This was one of them.  I didn't want to make a pillow from it as the colors don't complement my home decor so I decided to cut it up and make a hot pad and coaster set as a gift for my daughter who just moved into a college rental house with a bunch of girlfriends!


Hot pad

Gift set